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                Stock Code: 603161

                LASTED NEWS

                On January 5th, Kehua Holdings Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the main board of Shanghai Stock Exchange. From now on, Kehua Holdings (603161) has opened a new area of beautiful spring.Ding Chun, Liang Yibo, Hang Yong and Jiang Feng were all participated in the listing ceremony.At the ceremony, Mayor Ding Chun said that Liyanggovernment would attach great importance to the development of the capital market and foster the listing of enterprises to promote financial innovation and economic transf…


                COMPANY PROFILE

                Kehua Holdings Co., Ltd, formerly known as Liyang Kehua Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd, was founded in 2002. It is located in the Jiangsu Zhongguancun Science and Technology Industrial Park and Yuqiao Industrial Clusters. Attributed to the customer centric strategy and proactive adoption of high-tech solutions, our company has successfully managed to maintain a more than decade-long fast and sustainable growth.


                PRODUCT DISPLAY